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Still Mine

Title: Still Mine

Rating: PG-13

Ships: Tom Riddle/Minerva and Albus Dumbledore/Minerva

A/N: This involves both ships... I hope you enjoy!!!


Minerva knew she shouldn’t have, but she couldn’t help but feel that way. He was her Transfiguration teacher! And transfiguration was her favorite subject and Minerva couldn’t help but be attracted to Albus Dumbledore. Every time he looked at her she blushed a crimson red. She was embarrassed, because she was almost positive he noticed her looks, but he made no comment.


Then one day after her last class of the day, Transfiguration, Professor Dumbledore said, “Minerva I would like to speak with you.”




She blushed again and fantasizing moments of him taking her into his arms and kissing her paraded her mind.


“Is there anything you’d like to tell me anything at all?”


Minerva jumped out of her day dream.


“No Professor, not at all.”


“Are you sure? You’ve been acting rather strangely lately.”


Damn him! He knew she had been in love with him ever since her fifth year when they got on to the discussion of animagus and she proclaimed her desire to be one. But they hadn’t talked since. But she was still most desperately in love with him.


“I’m fine, sir.”


She had a sudden desire to kiss his lips, to feel his body against hers. Again Minerva was embarrassed at these thoughts.


“Well, uh Professor, I should go.”


“No, no stay awhile. Would you like some tea?”


Minerva was surprised. He was inviting her to stay?


“Um… That would be lovely.”


In a matter of moments Albus had two cups of tea.


“So tell me, what have you been doing lately?”


“Well, nothing really. I have been planning on becoming animagus when I graduate from Hogwarts in a couple of months. I have been doing plenty of research and such and I already have my forms in and I am just waiting for them to be approved.”


“That’s excellent. Out of all my students I knew you would be able to do it. You are quite gifted in Transfiguration.”


“Thank you Professor.”


“You can all me Albus now. It’s just us, nobody has to know.”


He smiled kindly and took a sip of tea. Minerva felt herself leaning toward him and kissed him on the lips, Albus returned the kiss for a moment and suddenly seemed to remember what he was doing.


“Minerva we can’t do this. I’m a teacher you are a student.”


Minerva backed away, tears in her eyes and ran out of the room.


“Well look who it is crying, dear darling Minerva,” laughed Head Boy Tom Riddle.


“Go away Tom, please.”


He stopped smirking, “Really Minerva what is it?”


Tom knelt down beside her and put a comforting arm around her. She shoved it aside.


“Nothing is wrong.”


“You’re crying.”


“Oh wow, glad you figured that one out.”


“Minerva you can tell me anything… I’ll understand.”


His eyes were so near hers and felt she was drowning in a pool of green.


“I kissed Albus.”


“You did what?”


He was smirking again.


“Oh god, I knew I shouldn’t have told you. All you were going to do is make fun of me for it.”


“I’m sorry Minerva, it’s just Albus isn’t he like forty years older than us.”


“Yes and he pushed me away.”


Every time Tom said Albus he said it bitterly. It was easy to see he hated him. His sarcastic jokes and how he hated to have him mentioned. When they worked together as Head Boy and Head Girl he used to tease her and call her Dumbledore’s doll.


“It’s alright Minerva. He’s an asshole anyways and he’s not good enough for you. You are going to be a powerful witch and everything will be fine.”




Their faces were slowly nearing each other and this time Tom leaned in to kiss Minerva. At first she backed away then enjoying the sensation kissed him back. His arms were around her and Minerva murmured,


“May-be we shouldn’t do this in the hall.”


“Oh uh yeah,” said Tom, “Where do you want to go?”


“I don’t care.”


“Let’s go to the Slytherin common room.”


“What? I can’t go there?”


“Why not?”


He smirked as he said it and Minerva shrugged. Tom grabbed her by the hand and led her to the Slytherin common room and up into the Head Boy’s rooms.




The next morning Minerva was curled up in the arms of Tom. He kissed her softly on the lips and said, “Love, its morning. We have classes.”


“Oh yeah,” Minerva yawned.


She got up and dressed quickly and brushed her hair and as they separated Tom again kissed her wildly on the lips, “Same time tonight?”


“Of course Tom,” Minerva said demurely.


And they separated, off the breakfast and classes. Nothing changed between them during the day; they were distant and cold to one another with occasional quick kisses and every time Tom would look over to her she would blush madly.


Oh how quick she had gotten over Albus Dumbledore.




It was a few days later and it was Minerva’s first Transfiguration class since she kissed Dumbledore.


“Minerva I’d like to speak with you after class again,” he said.


She nodded coldly.


After the students filed out she said, “We have nothing to discuss.”


“Yes, we do Minerva. I will admit I was a bit harsh a couple days ago.”


“Harsh? You embarrassed me.”


“I’m sorry. I wish I could make it up to you.”


“You could make it up to me by letting it never be mentioned again.”


“You seem different. Almost cold… You don’t blush when I look at you anymore.”


“Well I’m sorry I don’t flatter your old man pride anymore Professor. I am quite happy now.”


“You don’t seem to be. You seem a bit confused.”


“I’m fine, Professor. Now if you’ll excuse me I have business to attend.”


She said it so harshly when Minerva looked at Dumbledore she noticed a sadness in his eyes.


“It is my fault, Minerva. I will not deny I had and still do have the same feelings for you. You are one of my most brilliant students. I ruined it all. I was scared of what might happen, if the faculty found out what would happen to me. I didn’t think to realize that you have a wiser head on your shoulders and wouldn’t become psycho, if you’ll excuse me, on me and complain to the Headmaster should things not work out for us.”


Minerva let the harsh façade wash away and Dumbledore kissed her, a soft kiss on the lips, nothing like Tom’s wild and passionate hungry kisses of both love and lust. They continued kissing and Albus asked,


“Would you like to continue this in my rooms?”


“Of course…”




“Where were you yesterday?” Tom asked Minerva.


“Yesterday… Oh! Yesterday!”


“Yes, yesterday! What is wrong with you sometimes? We were supposed to meet like always?”


“Tom, I’m sorry! I was just with Professor Dumbledore—“


His glare turned steely cold.


“And what were you doing with Albus Dumbledore?”


“I-I was…”


Tom smacked her good on the face and pushed her against the wall.


“You filthy little fuckin’ whore! You slept with him didn’t you? Didn’t you?”


In his words though there seemed desperation that it wasn’t true. Desperation for her to say no. Tom loved Minerva in his own little way. She seemed to be the only thing that was truly and solely his.


She was in tears now and nodding.


“I did. I did. I’m so sorry.”


Tom let go of her and backed away and simply stared at her like he just didn’t know what to think or believe.


“You let the old man screw you huh? Was he good Minerva? Was he better than me? Was I just not good enough for you?” he said softly.


Minerva was crumpled on the floor crying.


“Well I’ll take you again tonight, because you’re still mine,” he said menacingly.




Her sudden power scared her. Two men were blindly in love with her, both men were jealous of the other and the mention of each others names went cold so Minerva knew better. Albus never asked whether or not she was sleeping with Tom, but she was sure he knew. Tom didn’t like it mentioned. The mention of Albus’s name set him off and the mere mention of him sleeping with Minerva brought a darkness upon Tom, a darkness she didn’t want to see. The nights when she was his he always whispered to her, “Mine.”


And he hoped that when Albus had Minerva he would see the marks Tom made upon her body, the finger prints upon her shoulders, the bite marks on her neck and chest. He saw the ones that Albus made and was driven with covetousness.


Then Minerva and Tom graduated. They were both known as the most brilliant students of their times. When they received their diplomas and their recognitions Tom kissed Minerva flat on the lips in front of everybody. She was pleasantly surprised, but she knew the motive behind it. Albus Dumbledore, her other lover, was sitting in the front row. He wanted to make sure that Albus saw.


“I want you to make a decision Minerva,” he said that night, “Me or Albus. I can’t live like this anymore. You’re my life and I can’t stand sharing you with him. You know I hate him, he hates me. It won’t work out if you’re fucking him the same time you’re fucking me.”


Minerva swallowed and didn’t say anything, but she knew Tom was right. She couldn’t have both. She noticed that slowly though Tom was destroying himself and Minerva couldn’t stay with someone like that. One night, she questioned him about a bunch of Dark Arts manuals and he just shrugged saying he was just using them for information.


“The choice is yours, to whom you choose, dear, but I will warn you and I am not saying this because I want you to choose me, because I do. I’ll always love you and take care of you Minerva, but Tom is going down a dark path and I doubt any good will come out of it. Tom was a brilliant student, but he is using his brilliance in the wrong way.”


She thought of all the times Tom had hurt her because of his jealousy, but she had always ignored that. Minerva wondered even if she left Albus if Tom would still hit her because of his mistrust. She wondered that if Tom was really going down a dark path if it’d only get worse.


Minerva refused to see either of them for the week, trying to make sense of it all when she finally made her decision.




“So you’ve chosen?” Tom asked solemnly.


“Yes, I have. I chose Albus, Tom. You’ve hit me Tom and it will only get worse.”


“I understand,” Tom whispered, “But I just want you one last time.”


“Yes, I do too.”


Their love that night was so passionate. It was their last good bye and Minerva wanted to savor the moment as long as possible. She had truly loved Tom and Tom loved her, she would always love Tom.


As Minerva walked out the door, tears stinging her eyes Tom said,


“I will always love you Minerva, you will always be mine. Please remember me, I will remember you…”


She couldn’t bear to look at him; she was so full of guilt. Minerva walked out into the rain and cried. It would be the last time in a long time she would see Tom. Only mere minutes after she left he prepared his journey to study the Dark Arts. An hour after Minerva left, he left.


Arriving at Hogwarts, Minerva made her way up the steps to Albus’s rooms.


“Minerva! It’s good to see you again? Would you like some tea?”


“I would love to, Albus.”


He prepared some tea for her and said, “Sit down, sit down.”


“Albus, I made my decision.”


Albus looked up, abruptly.


“You have?”


“I chose you.”


“What made you decide?”


“I don’t know. I love both of you so much… Please don’t ask me; please just be satisfied that I chose you.”


“I am more than satisfied.”


They chatted for a few moments, but Minerva fell asleep in Albus’s arms.


It was a beginning of a new era. They never married, but Minerva moved in with him in a matter of days. Two years later he became Headmaster and Minerva took up his position as Transfiguration teacher, teaching students who used to be her classmates.




Minerva’s POV:


I never saw Tom again, more to say I saw Voldemort, fifteen years later. He had changed so much I barely recognized him. He was apart of this group known as the Death Eaters. People feared him and they did not know he was once the seventeen year old boy who loved Professor Minerva McGonagal. They did not know he was the sweet loving boy named Tom Riddle who vowed to love me forever. He was the devil. I cried when I first heard about it and that he was killing muggles and muggle borns. I cried all alone. It broke my heart. And yet a certain pride let me remember that he had a soft spot for me. I did not know this until I next saw him.


It was among many of the battles between Death Eaters and us, the dark and the light. I didn’t even realize I still loved him. By god he took my virginity! Of course I had a place in my heart for him.


Everything about him was different, his voice was different, and his looks were different.


“Minerva,” he said, “it’s been awhile since we’ve last seen, almost sixteen years.”


“Yes, it has been Tom.”


He was silent for a couple of minutes.


“That night you left me I left.”


“I know.”


“I wish you would’ve stayed.”


I said nothing to this.


“I hear you’re still with Dumbledore now, you’re a Transfiguration teacher?”


“Yes, I am.”


“You always had a talent in that subject.”


We were still silent.


“You know I still do mean what I meant that night.”


I looked down to my feet.


“Do you remember those words?”


“Yes, Tom, I do.”


My eyes were brimming with tears again.


“Say them for me.”


“You said ‘I will always love you Minerva, you will always be mine. Please remember me, I will remember you’.”


We both were reminiscing of those times.


“I will not kill you Minerva, as my Death Eaters will have wanted me too. I still have love and respect for you only. You are still mine. Goodbye.”


My eyes welled up in tears as I left for the second time.


It was then I would always be doomed to love and remember Tom Riddle. I would always be his.


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